Drop It

ThunderCrow – Drop It (debut album 02-2017)

Drop It is the first release of ThunderCrow.
It’s a fine mix between acoustic instruments and beats. Hybrid World Beats.

With the main use of the Didgeridoo and Drums, you will hear a mix of Drum and Bass, World, Reggae, Psy-Trance, Chill out Music and much more.


  1. Tjukurpa
  2. Drop It
  3. Ubuntu
  4. Apus Apus
  5. Grillos Mexicanos (intro)
  6. Grillos Mexicanos
  7. Upbeat
  8. Parallel Universe
  9. Waterislife (intro)
  10. Waterislife
  11. Drop It (acoustic)

(40 minutes)

Pre-listen here: